Monday, October 12, 2009

I know I don't post much anymore, but I wanted to put mention to two things: One, Matthew Thorburn's "Disappears in the Rain" is really a wonderful little chapbook, and my suggestion would be to get it while there's still what to get.

Two, a good friend, Andrea Hornick, has an exhibit up in a gallery in Chelsea through October 27th. I've been seeing slides/hearing about these paintings for over a decade now, and they really are wonderful. If you get a chance, you should go look.

Three things, I wanted to mention three things. Kate Greenstreet's new book is out, and she is really getting somewhere with her writing. Not that she wasn't somewhere, but she's really got an energy she's working out. Not, I imagine, that you need to hear it from me--go hear her read.

Four things! (they keep popping up) Ana Bozicevic-Bowling's book from Tarpaulin Sky Press. Not out yet, but looks great as well.

All four wonderful artists, all entirely, in my opinion, worth your time.

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