Friday, June 25, 2004



As for the generalizations I made in my last (& first) post, I know they can be disputed, I like though the way the contrasts as I defined them rub against each other. For as long as this blog lasts, I am trying for at least two things: to make sense, and to try out for what I am doing with my poetry. This is as far from 'confessional' as I can imagine (does anyone read those poets anymore?) and also as far from mechanical as I can. Mechanical being, as it seems to me now, the curse and direction of 'American' poetry.

Yes, I read them.
Welcome! Amazing to me that someone whose blog I've been reading is reading mine (and so soon!). Do you mind if I ask how you found it?

I of course read them also, it was more a public question, as the sensibility of the web-poets seems more concerned with other strains of poetry. & I've been trying to face up to what American poetry might be more consciously than I have up to now, when Stevens really was nearly the beginning-and-end of it for me. Eliot was important but anemic, Crane no model for continued maturity, and for some reason of temperament or education the only other branches I saw were nature and confessional. When I saw branches that is, and not one thing called “Poetry.” I think, really, that is my preferred mode. Simplest, and without any pitfalls.
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