Friday, July 30, 2004

As for my previous post on text etc, I want to be clear, that I'm not saying anything catastrophic or even 'abnormal' has occurred from this poet's viewpoint. I am saying poetry evolved in us as we evolved, culturally, it and in it. But for simplicity's sake I'm sticking to the paradigm that it evolved in us, its environment, for probably ~100,000 years (how long we've been the species we are, I think), until writing became a way to remember out of our heads. Then, for another ~6,000 years the technology spread, changed, and influenced our language and our poetry, but still I feel safe thinking of the preponderance of poetry's existence as oral. So I'm saying that with the advent of certain conditions of modernity--recording media in particular--poetry as a happening (as a species is a happening, dynamic expression of an environment) responds to that now with, as all evolution is, an impulse to conserve balance.

That poetry (which in this context I think of as our keeping time) in its motion through us, its time, is not isolated from other elements as they move through us, their time, in time.

Strange clarification, I know, the same word turned and turned. Call me cranky!

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