Thursday, August 12, 2004

It just hit me why Stubb’s name is so—at least Ahab was a full-sized upright, though lame. Stubb diminishes himself with a monomaniacial obsession (to the point of abandoning Pip, the even-smaller-one) with what he can gain, and not what his striving can make him—Ahab’s concern is throughout in a sense Thoreauvian, a self-cultivation, though distorted.

& that most all of us are in action Stubbs, not Ishmaels, not romantic Ahabs, or as well as—even Joyce, Lucia his Pip.

You may be right. I could never hope to hold a candle to Ahab. They are few and far between. Poets like Robert Frost, sprts figures like Larry Bird. All I can do is strive to be an Ishmael, and overcome that Stubbs-like nature. Good post though. Might be time to re-read Mr. Melville.
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