Thursday, September 23, 2004

Obvious idea: has anyone ever considered putting together a counterpart to Best American Poetry which deals only with what the internet has to offer, a Best Internet Poetry (in English, probably, though maybe not even?)? BIP to the BAP, not so big, obviously, but there are already more web-only journals than I can keep track of, and the aesthetic on display is both a wide-and-varied field, and substantially different than the spread of what print journals offer. It would act as a legitimizing agent for such journals, and bring attention where it is deserved. Not to mention, I imagine it would sell, probably, if marketed well. Personally, I'd like to have it to read, to give me a (simplistic, probably, but we are perceivers, and comfort is no small quality for any who feel like tourists) feel for the contours of what makes up the 'there' out there.

So, any one up for it?

Hi, Stuart. Not sure if you know about the IBPC [InterBoard Poetry Competition], which has the following aims:

'First, to seek to improve the quality of poetry and discourse on participating boards and on the Internet in general; second, to discover and publish new poets; and third, to help these new poets become recognized by leading literary periodicals.'

Close to what you had in mind?

Personally, I think it'd be more interesting to have a re-presentation/republication of the work that's out there, a la Utne-style.

Thanks for that, I didn't know about it.

FWIW, what I had in mind was a bound book, modeled on the BAP--comments, guest editors, everything. It seems like a fairly successful format. But I think that that site probably covers the function pretty well.
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