Wednesday, September 29, 2004

A thought regarding the goings-on in Iraq--I've heard various reasons for why so many Iraqis are willing to take arms etc against the US there. One I haven't heard occurred to me last night--from what I understand, a lot of children died because of what medicine wasn't available due to the US-led embargo which lasted from Gulf War I to Gulf War II. How much bad 'p.r.' did this generate for the eventual occupying forces?

Stuart, The embargo is crucial in understanding the situation in Iraq. It's one reason I find it difficult to vote "Democrat," though Kerry's a different President from Clinton & will have to prove himself to what has become, I hope, a more socially conscious generation of voters (or 2 generations, or more). We do things like this all the time, all over the world. Someone on my blog just anonymously questioned what "capitalistic failings" are. I guess it's my nice way of saying "blood for oil." Or how about: "my oil is more important that your child's life." It's the end result of what I see as an ultimately destructive system. But what do I know?
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