Thursday, October 07, 2004

I'm not the first, but I like the idea (via Josh Hanson). It seems like a good blog-topic--trivial, in an important, ephemeral way. Take from it what you may.


Table of Contents

Addendum 1
Means of Production, and Behind the Stove is My Heart 2
In Words 3
Coming Home 5
Pear Trees 7
The Boothbay Glassblower 9
The Guinea-hen of Manalapan 10
In Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypress 11
My Story 12
Sunrise 13
Contention 14
Division 15
Owning Pear Trees 16
Late Nap, Hydrangea
Musk 21
Landscape 22
Over It 24
Interior Landscape or, All Men Have Secret Lives 26
Off on a Tangent
Idée Fixe 29
Lament from the Western Slope 30
Ecstancy 31
The Burn of Vanity 32
Empyry 33
What Remains 34
Self-Sought Song 37
Crossing Over 38
Entrance 39
Beyond the Wild Roses 40
Wavering 43
Small Fall 44
Geologic 45
Chains of Love 46
Verisimilitude 47
My Lead Hat 48
Old Song 53
The Only Painting in the Met 54
Poem with One Broken Line 56
The Smell of Warm Grass, and Shakespeare’s Majestic Silence 58
Self-Georgic: Dwarf Gravenstein 60
Sacrifice 62
Two Oranges 63
Green Room 64

You should include the morning poem with two lines from a four year old is what I think.

THATS a good poem.

Uh, ok, I will. Thank you.

Any more advice, o inside-one?
The poems aren't divided into sections. Any special reason why?

I am not sure, really. I mean, I have aesthetic reasons. one, I wanted to emphasize the feeling of a singular trajetory, of a gradual change; two, because I just feel uncomfortable with my sections when I implement them; I didn't like how the sections were affecting my ordering. Now that I'm coming to an order, maybe I'll section it off, for readerly ease. As it is, I've been told to keep the dense poems from piling up, but that they were almost all dense. So sections would seem advisable.

I'm suspicious I did it this way because my impulse is three sections, and so many people use three sections. Not a good reason, I know.

Thanks for asking.

Tony: sorry for the inarticulate response, above. I was stunned, is all. And thanks! That's only the best thing you could want to hear in a comments sections. Made my night.
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