Saturday, October 09, 2004

So, I have a poet friend who is (relatively) new to the Chicago area (at the Northwestern PhD program), and doesn't really know where the poetry venues are. Anyone familiar with the Chicago scene have any advice?

My good friends/partners in crime Nick Twemlow and Robyn Schiff have just moved to Chicago, where Robyn has accepted a position as a visiting professor of poetry.

They've only been there since late August, but have reported many poetry events attended.

I don't want to be giving out folks' email addresses, but if you send a query to _The Canary_ address, attn: Nick Twemlow, I'm sure he can give you some tips.

The address is at

Your friend might find some good resources at, which is Ray Bianchi's website. He lists the various poetry reading series in town and posts a comprehensive calendar of events. Around town there's the Guild Complex which has some diverse readers and outreach programs, The Poetry Center of Chicago based at SAIC, and the Myopic Bookstore Series (in Wicker Park) run by Chuck Stebelton. Columbia College Chicago also has an interesting reading series.
Shin Yu, Tony, thank you. I've forwarded her the info.
Shin Yu, Tony, thank you. I'll forward her the info, she'll be very excited.
Here's her response:

"holy MOLY! this is *exactly* what i've been looking for--a website that has a calendar of all the best events. i'm so, so pleased that i complained to you in my last e-mail."
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