Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Makes me feel like crying. That's all. I understand the factors which have led this country I've developed in to develop as it has (and no, I'm not referring specifically to the current political situation, but to the past hundreds of years), but to think oneself beyond the propaganda is to see some ugly stuff each time you do it, no matter how used to it you think you are. I suppose Europe has seen enough to have internalized, politically, certain lessons. Can't we accept that our size and natural resources are at least partially responsible for that which we claim as national greatness? And share a little better? You know, that idea which is so antithetical to capitalism, sharing? Give a little universal health care, up the minimum wage, etc, would follow, but we are greedy, that just has to go. Let's outlaw greed. Immoderate greed that is; it's a great thing to want, even to want badly. But it is a bad religion. It is bad as law, be it socially or governmentally legislated.

C'mon, congress, just do what you need to do. It'll be ok, you're voters will understand. So will your poets. Actually, we'll swoon. I promise we will, we'll swoon. At least I will.

It's interesting how we expect to be the best.

I think that American exceptionalism will ultimately keep the US from going too far to the bottom, though, in many ways, we're there. Maybe not you & me, fortunate well-educated folks, but many others.

Heartbreaking, yeah.
Heartbreaking, yeah. Yay Calvin (John, that is).
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