Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ok, I have a question. If a person knows everything that they know (specifics & generalities), why do they carry on conversations with themselves? Why does knowledge require representation? Isn't the way we all talk in our heads kind of like someone with sock puppets on their hands and having the sock puppets engage in earnest conversation?

I do it, but I just don't get it.

I'm falling back almost instinctively on Bloom's rather dubious argument that Shakespeare, after Chauser, "invented the human," for just that reason: the representation of human consciousness as a person not just speaking but listening to themself speak. Bloom is a bit of a boob, especially whenever Shakespeare comes up, but there's certainly something important that he is zeroing in on there. It's one difference between an "artificial intelligence" and the human mind, no? Perhaps the only imagination is the dialogic?
sorry, that was me again,
josh H
That's interesting--sort of a, no-why-but-because-we-can construction, Darwin-like.

I liked that Bloom book too, despite the absurdity of its claims. He makes such overblown statements but there is so much worth in how he constructs them before he overreaches. Too creative for his own critical good, is still my take.

But again, such states existed before Merrie Olde England. So.
Our heads are filled with our impressions, experiences, facts we learn, and so one. It's through dialogue--both with others and internal--that we analyze them, prioritize them, and just figure out what the hell they're going to mean to us. (Robin from Big Window)

Thought as a modeling arena/tool? I can see that. Why can't we just put down the hammer, then, so to speak? Why is it so hard to take the puppets off our hands? The mimetic is not the only mode of conscious being possible, so why should its necessity demand exclusivity? Why can't our constituent voices subside when the show, so to speak, is over?
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