Friday, November 05, 2004

This is making me sick to my stomach.

For example, Link.

& Not just that he won, but how he won. "Moral values"??? I wonder if that constitutional amendment is going to finally come around: you know, the one regarding flag burning, gay marriage, and (I imagine this will become politically viable only after another terrorist attack) the one repealing the two-term limit on the presidency. For anyone who anticipates schadenfreude, and an eventual return to 'normalcy' as this administration is exposed for what it 'is', well, in general, people who choose to be deceived blame others the worse the terms of the deception become. So expect it to get weirder, is my sense.

Karl Rove is a genius, he plays the field the way a grandmaster chess player does--the onlookers say "what a crappy move, he just screwed up and lost his queen", but before you know it it's checkmate and you have no idea how it happened until you study and learn, in hindsight. Everyone laughed at him about the 4m evangelicals, for example, but jeez, he kind of owned the democrats, even Carville, didn't he? Did he cheat? Maybe. Probably. But look, that has a strange validity too, gamewise, I mean how could the democrats let it happen, they had years to sit on the possibility and establish validation as an important issue. They did nothing, except wait for the media to 'expose' it, at best. Weak. That's what that Suskind article guy meant when he said "we create history, you study it." A willingness--an ability--to articulate, not just verbally but muscularly, with the organs and joints of history, what they want to be. That's why people claim the Republican party is proto-fascist, their ability to move as one is formidable, and increasing. I have no idea what's to come, maybe it won't be worse than Reagan. I'd be happy with that now.

I'm also going to tend my garden, not in a Lord Fairfax way, but in the manner of one who will not eat unless he grows his own sustenance. Such is my life now. What little money we have to give, I think will go to organizations like the International Red Cross or Save the Children; that seems most direct.

And maybe this is a little overwrought. I'd like to end up feeling foolish for posting this.

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