Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I thought the Poetry Daily pick yesterday, by Julianna Baggott, was very good. I have to admit, I began reading it prejudiced (warning: little-poet confession upcoming) because Tin House had held two poems of mine for over ten months, in close consideration, before rejecting them with a form note, so I was I suppose looking to read a poem I could feel mine would have been better-picked than. But the Baggot poem is so good, I only feel stupid for that instantaneous desire. Which'll pass, too.

Actually, this year has had a number of those instances (mixed in with the usual kind), and not coincidentally, beyond the poem in Mipoesias, I've had no poems accepted for publication this year. Which makes a certain sense, since I haven't sent out all that much, and have not had so much time for writing, so I can view it with a moderately calm mind. But not, really, satisfaction. Which is the result more of the underlying reason (that is, I'm so focused on recovering and taking care of my family, the singlemindedness of poeming has less priority than in past years). Which is temporary, and as my vigor returns I know so will my discretion in time.

I ended up having a dream about Julianna last night. Odd to have a dream about her, but odder still because yesterday when I read the PD poem I immediately thought that I had read better poems by Julianna. I'll have to go back and read it again now.

Now, let's get to why I'm really hear. Are you the Stuart Greenhouse who has 4 poems in issue 157 of The Paris Review? You know, the very well-loved, tattered issue sitting here on my desk. The one with the fabulous story, "Note to My Sixth Grade Self," by Julie Orringer? It has to be you. Right?
Aha! It *is* you. I just found your tiny little pubs link at the bottom of your page. I enjoyed all your poems in the issue esp. "Pear Trees." (smile)
Yep, that's me. I'm happy you enjoyed them! (blush) and deeply gratified to be a part of an issue kept around. I have a few of those too (Paris Review 130 being one of them).

Do you know Julianna Baggott? I've read other poems of hers, but remember nothing other than that I've liked them, so this may well be, though a good poem, not her best. Any suggestions you'd like to make?

And thanks, again, for reading.
You are most welcome, Stuart. I do know Julianna and we've featured her in Samsara Quarterly--here's a link to her some of her poems:


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