Thursday, December 16, 2004

Interesting article about fantasy (the genre that is) meeting reality, so to speak. This really was a great series. Interesting how consciously politics played a part of so much sci-fi/fantasy I used to love--from Narnia to the Dragonsong books, to these, to Dhalgren or Foundation or the Riverworld series or the tyrant of Jupiter one, or Dune or Xanth or the Crystalsinger ones--without me knowing it--it just made for interesting stories. Each in their own way, highly political.

I used to think (like once I became invested in literature proper, following my 16-years-old revelation of what language and plot could do that is ^Crime and Punishment^ which I've described previously) I'd've been better off reading classics; now i'm farther away, enough, to wonder. Language wasn't much an issue in most sci-fi/fantasy, that's for sure (though it is made a character of sorts in the Xanth series).

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