Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Slate has a slideshow essay on Isamu Noguchi here, today: the pieces are astonishing (ha!), lovely. Have you ever seen his untitled sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum, in the Japanese section? It's the large rock with a pool of water which runs over it's smooth top and trickles into a pebbly floor; recirculating, one assumes, up again. It is one of my all-time favorite objects in the universe to be around. I used to go visit it regularly when I lived in New York.

I'm a big fan of Noguchi's work too. Thanks for the link to Slate.
Robin, what did you think of the article? At first glance, I was in agreement, but after thinking a bit, I didn't like the antagonistic positioning of Noguchi vs. the modernist 'mainstream' (Klee etc.). There is a visceral harmony I feel from his work, but I don't see it as antagonistic, more as parallel--well, not parallel, but complementary. But I only know some of his work, I'm no scholar. Is this positioning accurate, do you know/think?

I mean, I don't see how finding the 'civilization in nature' is all ^that^ different from the primitivist-interests of Picasso; different, but not, again, antagonistic.
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