Friday, January 21, 2005

Update on the reading: is that I won't be there, barred by the inclement weather. Bad weather!

(Sigh. Sometimes, I do feel a little like Charlie Brown.)

If you go anyway, please let me know how wonderful the other readers were. From what I remember, the city slows down for such snowfall, but doesn't stop moving, so I think it might still be on.

Bud Parr, of Chekhov's Mistress, has told me the reading tomorrow is listed in Time Out New York (yay!) as occurring on Friday (boo!). In case any one has gone to the Ear Inn today, become disappointed (literally), and then googled around to see what was up, and ended up here: the reading is 3 pm tomorrow, Saturday. Just around when the snow starts accumulating, I think. So it'll be cozy.

Oh, no! And I thought I'd be a sport and drag my grumbling spouse to the reading. Now I suppose I have every excuse to just stare at the snow accumulate. Have a nice white weekend!
I hope enjoyed the snow. Hopefully there'll be a rescheduled reading you can drag your husband to.
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