Thursday, January 06, 2005

Well, that's an audioblog post from me, last post. I'm a little tired, tonite, so my voice may be more scratchy-nosed than even usual, but there it is. My voice.

I'll be reading in the Ear Inn reading series on January 22, 3:00 pm, 326 Spring Street. My last reading was two (!) years ago. It may be another two years after this, though I hope not. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it. If you're interested, please come. &, the other two readers look very interesting, so.

That's funny, the Ear Inn is 2 blocks from my workplace and the site of occasional post-work drunken debauchery. Will make best attempt to stop in - there would really be no excuse.
Great! I'll be so glad to meet you. I'm envious that you get to live in that area--I used to work there, too (6th & Spring). Loved it.
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I used to commute in from New Jersey, to be a production editor for science textbooks. Gah. I lived for my lunch hour.
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Just so you know, Time Out New York, has your reading listed under Friday (they seem to have skipped Saturday altogether). I hope to make it by, but baby at home makes getting out to readings difficult these days. Good luck and enjoy.

Bud Parr
Chekhov's Mistress

Thank you for telling me that, regarding Time Out, that's pretty cool.

I've lost track of how little your little one is. I always thought that NYC must be the best place to parent a very young child, despite all the obvious difficulties (small space, probably, mostly), simply because stepping outside for five minutes would be an absolute change of scenery; no need to drive anywhere, etc.
I guess you mean, pretty cool that you're in Time Out, not pretty cool that they messed up the date.

My son, Auden, is nearly 14 months old and every ounce a hurricane. City life is probably more difficult with a kid, but it has it's rewards too - mostly because the diversity, activity and opportunities to do interesting things and meet interesting people are enormous here, that is, if you take advantage of them. We crave parks and think about safety and such. We still may move out, but every time we think of it, we can't seem to do it. Who knows?

Anyway, don't know if I will get to make it, but good luck Saturday, and if I do make it, I will of course introduce myself and say hello.
You're right, I mean cool to be listed; uncool to be listed incorrectly. These kinds of things seem to happen on a regular basis, so I don't take them too seriously, but it is a logistical problem. I'll post a post mentioning it, in case any disappointed me-seekers google the event.

I don't blame you for staying in the city, difficulties and all--we wouldn't have left if we could've afforded it. Parks are nice, though, and open undedicated space is good for the eyes.

And if you do make it, please yes come say hello afterwards. I'd look forward to it. If, that is, you make it. Which, if you do, you'll see that Dara is just beginning to show, so we'll again be baby-bound sometime this summer (Jonah's 5-1/2, and we are slowly remembering what it's like without all the autonomy he's developed).
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