Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I don't know that writing poems is the best way to write poems. I mean this in the way that making money is not the best way to make money. Though maybe I mean it in the way that teaching is not the best way to teach. That is (if those examples are oblique to my purpose) in the first case it is better to make money without only making money, perhaps, that is to pursue what intrigues you, and in the second case it is better to teach in the mysterious way than by direct instruction. (By the 'mysterious' way I mean that the broader teacher, speaking of literature, will communicate a sentence's structure better than a grammarian, in my experience.) That is, in either case, it is in the nature of the thing that not directly ending at it with your intention will attend the thing done better, if done well.

Poetry is different than these, in what I mean, because I mean I'm not sure that it in and of itself wouldn't be better off without itself, in and of itself; not meant in a Platonic way, but in an actual way. If poetry could be sustained as a poetry behind the eye, cultivated in that way, as a life, a perceptual art, studied to be enworded but not ever actually; kept where it belongs; quick, forming.

One of the reasons I'm not a fan of poems about poetry.
That's wonderful, Stuart. "quick, forming"---& hence, the mind-heart?

Wow. Thanks.
well, that's the problem then - that a poem-perception can't be sustained but is supplanted by another in the next moment. that's why the writing-them-down started, I assume. it's an imperfect method, but still worth a shot (hopefully).

what a beautiful post though.

You know, you are absolutely right.
June7,21:47…Preparing for the next day is all I seem to do everyday. When is my day approaching? Is it the choices a man makes what makes him a man? I have listened to Epiphany 5 years now and it’s almost part of me now, all do it may seem like a song to you its been my safety net through times of pure darkness. I wish and want and when I find a different route it’s just a roundabout in a different place. I’ve found many perspectives in my time and found that I have become wiser but not so much more in control. I’m glad for the moment that I’m free but its just a pain killer, time catches up so well see who wins the race.
Do you ever have a moment where you’ve figured it all out but the next day you get lost in the grey and don’t apply your knowing? I’m open to any idea but the glass is half empty cause one always lets one down because words seem to be the most dedication you’ll get out of anybody. I still haven’t got the guts to take the risk of revealing all to those and myself but this is as close as ill get. You must clear your mind to find the right words it doesn’t mean your not good enough. Knowing yourself is the greatest power of all that’s what’s wrong with the world. Every bit of negativity you can think of that has happened in your life was simply dissatisfaction in yourself or the other.
Imagine you found and achieved what your dreams wanted you to. You could finally know everything you are capable of doing then any1s word could not effect you because your released from your fears by knowing yourself.
I could tell you my daily grinds of pain pleasure, success and complete utter despair and chaos but I don’t want to embrace that shit.
I have many problems in my head that still need to strengthen itself but since I haven’t the patience to tell you lets see the big picture about this contradicting life.
Forget the meaning of life that’s a stupid question. The meaning of you is more important. The greatest challenge we all face is overcoming the grey to get to the blue. That’s the meaning I have found. Please take a deep breath and question yourself, I know its easier said than done but if your currently feeling the depths of all emotions from good to worse just listen. Forget this earth and flush your brain clear of it all if you can. You are of flesh & bone, you could have been born disabled & incapable of choice and life but you’re alive none the less. Pretend there’s a reason you’re here and compare your deepest thought to those of the highest ranking to the lowest and you may realise how pointless everything is. I would guess 99% of this world are one tracked &are dedicated to their words rather than actions selfishly. You’re beyond all this. Imagine a night talking to a mirror of yourself out loud and then imagine how much you would have figured yourself. I think if we could literally talk to our self face to face out loud like any deep conversation we would strengthen our self beyond our limits and I cant imagine what’s more important because its never easy to get another to have full empathy on what you know, express, feel & withhold. Meditation, Mediums, Physics, physiologists, friends, lovers, family’s, yoda himself couldn’t compare to the power of knowing yourself compared to you. Do that & watch life fall into place.
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