Saturday, February 12, 2005

My week?

We took Jonah to interview at the Princeton Friends' School. If anyone can tell me whether going to the perfect school--supportive, open-minded, kind, intimate, rigorous, creative--is worth a 45 minute commute, I'd appreciate it. Especially if you've been to a private school, I'd like to hear. Most especially, if you've actually been to a friends' school.

It's kind of a rough balance. On one hand, I already see the grind of conformity setting in in public school; Jonah's in kindergarten, and already they start teaching for the tests (o "No Child Left Behind," you are the enabler of education's worst impulses!). On that one hand, already I see the teachers 'helping' the kids respond by learning to observe the teacher and give him/her the answer the teacher wants, as opposed to thinking it freely themselves. Confusing sentence, but you know what I mean, I bet.

On the other hand, forty five minutes each day, each way. And I'll have a little baby for it each day, each way, once Dara returns to work in January. Yeesh.

As for the rest of my week? Neverwinter Nights is the best critique of D & D I've ever played. Yet quite the page-turner.

I've heard wonderful thing about The Friends School. We haven't had the the oportunity to send our oldest there, but I have to tell you that public school has been destroyed by standardized tests, even before No Child Left Behind. We pulled our oldest son out of public school and can't believe the difference that private school has made--in every area. Private school teachers, in short, have much higher expectations and the curriculum is never dumbed down and although they take an Iowa test every year, they don't teach to the test. I think you and Dara will be very happy. Neither J, nor the up and coming baby will attend public school. On an another note my friends who teach in public school are miserable since 'No Child..' they feel as if all the joy of teaching has been sucked out of them. Jeez, I go on and on don't I?
sigh, I should have previewed. why am I always so quick with the trigger button? uggh.

Thanks for the answer--that's my strong feeling, too, from looking into the matter, I have to admit; and it's nice to hear it seconded. Also, Dara teaches 6th grade around the corner, so we have an inside view of the school district. The commute, well, I feel that if something is the right decision, and you have to work for it, you work for it, so I'm happy to take it on. Fingers crossed the financial aid package comes through!

All the grandparents not only think we're nuts, they angrily think so. Yeesh.
I know what you mean, today we plunked down the huge non-refundable registration fee for next year's school. And we still don't know if we'll be getting the financial aid yet.(Yikes). The grandparents will be impressed shortly. 45 minutes is a long commute, but I bet you learn more about Jonah during that commute than you ever thought you would. Our fingers are crossed, too. :-)

Good luck. Exhilarating bet, I bet! We don't find out until 2nd week of March--I feel like I'm applying to MFAs all over again. But this time for my son.
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