Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A good Passover poem:

by Hal Sirowitz

We're Jewish, Father said.
So we don't believe in Christ.
If God wanted us to worship Jesus
He would have arranged for us to be born
into an Italian family. I have nothing
against Him. He was probably a very nice man.
You have to give him credit for trying.
A lot of people still believe He's the Son of God.
I don't know what He had against His real father.
But if you ever did that to me,
said you were someone else's son, I'd be insulted.

This poem manages to inflect so much into so little--and without the humor, none of it would be there. It's really something else, as my grandfather would say.

And, completely unrelated: what a pleasure to find a well-observed/well-lived post on something completely trivial on a board you don't expect to find such a thing at all on. Volumes.

I liked this poem.Its cool to read something so fast and have it pass over one, knowing and not quite knowing that something witty and true has been said, and that it had shape as well.

Best wishes, from Clifford Duffy

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