Wednesday, April 27, 2005

So I’ve been pretty sick the last few days, having run myself down attending seders &c. Monday I spent a good amount of time in the 104 degree range, and yesterday, it was down to 100 – 101, but I couldn’t breath so well because my lungs were so tight—it felt like bronchitis. I was able to collect myself, mentally, last night, and meditated on my lungs for a good hour or so, then fell asleep, and I’m basically clear. Wiped out, but clear. Which is wonderful.

I tell this to illustrate that the meditation I do is not what most are familiar with, in that it takes its path to quiet through the health of the body, not separate from it, though in the end it achieves that too. Qigong is very practical, and the feeling of self-reliance, of not needing a doctor or medicine, of confidence in one’s own body to do what it needs to maintain health, is simply fantastic.

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