Monday, June 13, 2005

Ana Maria Correa passes the baton (aka the 'what songs do you listen to running?' meme), so for my leg:

Sadly for the purposes of this question I run without music, or at least I used to when I used to run (i.e. before this most recent phase of my life). I found it easier to focus on the pain I'd hit (we had a very intense coach on high school track, and he had the better runners running under 30 minute 5-mile practice runs, for example) and through it to that strange place of one-step-at-a-time than to distract myself or trance myself with music. So I suppose I'd say 1-my breath, 2-traffic, 3-thought. That's kind of lame/flat, but, really, in the same way, so is running. Which is why I liked it.

Dara used to tease me about how much I liked to talk about track--practice, not the meets themselves, where I was just barely good enough to get beaten by the really good runners. Coach Russell was a great coach, a true maniac; he was over 50 and in front for the aforementioned 5-mile runs. He didn't listen to music either. I think he may have been in the marines once. I also think he may have been in the olympics, though we weren't too sure (no internet research capability in the late 80's).

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