Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The chicken soup party was a smash. The two photos are (1) of Jonah's class reciting Maurice Sendak's Chicken Soup poem, and (2) of Jonah getting his 'diploma' from his kindergarten teacher. Afterwards, she got all teary and said this had been her best class in 35 years. And she had been my sixth-grade math teacher, though seeing as how neither of us remembers the other, I didn't even think about that I had been in one of those not-best-of-the-past-thirty-five-years classes until I was sitting in a tiny chair at a tiny table, eating my chicken soup with rice, and satisfied anyway.

Jonah's had a great year. A good portion of his classmates are nearly a full year older than him, but he handles social interaction very maturely with them, and everyone wants to be his friend. He's grown out of his timidity completely, as I knew he would, but it is so gratifying to see. I know it doesn't mean anything to someone who doesn't see it up close, but I really am so proud of him. It takes a lot of work to grow up, all the way through, kindergarten especially. Probably every age especially.

So we took him to Toys R Us afterwards, and he got a pokemon board game and a pump-action spring gun that shoots ping-pong-size rubber balls at a frightening velocity.

You're awesome & wise parents (although I had to really think about the wise part after reading about the ping-pong size rubber balls ;-)). Congratulations, Jonah!!

Thank you for the words. We try; we really do our best to give him a safe environment, emotionally and physically, and foster him simultaneously with challenges and safety. The gun, ehhh, at least the projectiles aren't so small as to be eye-dangerous (joking . . . you know:)). But really, a little sense of excitement and danger, one of the fun parts of being a kid, and this is pretty manageable. I imagine you know what I mean!
Absolutely! :-)
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