Thursday, June 02, 2005

In my local municipal library there is a pitiful (3 or 4 volume, I'm not exaggerating) poetry collection. So I had this idea the other day, to offer to lead a local community poetry workshop kind of class there, say three hours, limited to ten or so people (not that I think that many people would sign up, but in a town like Highland Park, they might even), once a month, and asking for eight or ten bucks a person a class. Not that I would get the money. Part of the plan/deal is that I would use it to buy poetry books to be added to the library's collection. Now how's that for community service? Imagine if the basic template was used by poets across the country in their own local town/borough/district libraries--now that would be pretty cool. The great thing is, you run the workshop, you get to shape the library's collection. For me, that would be an honor, and a reward worth more than money. I just wonder if anyone'll pay for the class itself. I'd like to think so. I'd certainly do my best to make it worth it.

So when I have a little energy and time, I'm going to call the library and see if they are game. If anyone else is intrigued, well, help yourself, it is an idea just waiting to be borrowed, improved upon, what have you.

That's really an excellent idea. Keep us posted!
Will do, for sure!

I'm hoping to get some info in the next week or two, and see where it goes from there.
I second that, Stuart. It is an excellent idea, one that makes me wonder about trying it up here... Say, how about if I send $10 from here. (Canadian dollars, tho, don't go as far...)

Generous offer, thank you--but I think in the spirit of community, better if you give to your local library--or come participate in our workshop! Then I'd be happy to take your $10 (canadian, which goes farther than I'd have thought nowadays, as seen on RS's post today).

By the way, I'd be curious to know your opinion of the Queyras anthology, eventually. RS seemed kind of ambivalently aggressive in his particular fashion, I don't feel I got any sense of it short of that it wasn't what RS would have put together himself, or maybe that it was but . . , or something.
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