Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tony's hitting 1.000 recently (here, here, here, here).

I found these questionnaires snores mostly (no offense intended), but they had a purpose, to get these responses from him. Invaluable.

update: I don't know why I felt that other responses were uninteresting--I must've been off my feed. Reviewing responses esp. to the latest round of questions, I've decided they are actually very good reading. Tony's are still standouts, though.

Thanks SG.

I was just being honest. I think questions like this invite a lot of pretension on the part of folks--trying to put on their 'best' or most 'poetic' or 'intelligent' hat to answer them. I just answered them as honestly as possible.

I'm always afraid I'll end up looking a little dumb, but I'd rather look dumb than look like a pompous ass.

No, you sound like someone whose thought a lot about these things without pretention, as more than words. A great stance in the face of theory, prepositional framings of power etc--an honesty of existence. It could be said you're taking as a starting-point what so many take as their (implicitly unattainable) goal--authenticity. Sincerity is a primary goal of yoga, meditation, etc., by the way--the sincere person is seen as in accord with heaven, in the Bhagavad-Gita, for example. In Whitman, too. You probably know this.

You prompted me, actually, to change my byline to the Whitman quote, above, on my blog title-header.

Nothing sounds dumber than trying not to, anyway.
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