Thursday, July 07, 2005

By spiritual I mean that any linear model is a lie.

Any linear model?
Well, I'm being hyperbolic. (ha!)

Seriously, not to say that they can't be useful, or even necessary. But pretty much, when I'm taking the not-only-physical point of view, yeah, that's where I'm at now. As in: If it seems linear, you just need to pull back a little to see what it's interacting with, and then you'll see it isn't really anymore.

Like I said, that's my sense these days. I'm kind of happy with it.
Further thought, in response, Laura:

Any model is by definition false (b/c it is not the thing itself, natch) but in my perception the linear ones are more false/removed from a sustainable reality, enough so that they are near-always misleading. So maybe I could more comfortably say that any linear model is a misleading one.

But that doesn't have the satisfying rhetorical punch I was looking for, and doesn't seem as right.
The thing itself is a good enough defense for me. I'm w/ ya!
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