Monday, July 25, 2005

The secret of Sherman is revealed . . . and I gotta say, the resemblance is definite.

(You have no idea how many years I spent trying to pretend I wasn't so, before realizing I didn't have to.)

I'm flattered.

hee-hee-hee :-)
Actually LOL.

Relieved, too, you're such a good sport about it. I didn't link my comments to your blog because of it. Yes, isn't the resemblance definite? LOL The real funny thing, to me, is how much that brainy little innocent guy *still* does it to me. Híjole, be still my pixels! Truly perverse. Especially when I think that my first husband of 15 years is a dead ringer for that first "DANGER" pic of Sherman with the The Way Back Machine except for the long reddish ponytail, thus snagging 2 fetish (yikes, whats the plural of fetish? Don't they—normally—exclude any other fetish in their place?) in the love of one.

Sorry for 1st clicking onto your site and exclaiming: "Boy Sherman! Here at last!" lol You ought to be flattered. I'm sure there were more young dogs out there, of the Suzy Cream Cheese School of Poetry, than me lusting after a pet boy named Sherman. And, I have to admit, it's pretty hilarious to me, still, to go directly to your blown-up pic & this pic of Sherman — my secret crush — down to the smile! Makes me laugh.

But, (ahem) never forget, the topic of that paragraph was Po-Boyz With Monster Meat, to which you were this dog's first nominee. From what I've read here you are not only an excellent poet (I might consider a review of your book just to use the Thoreau image of the poet as rarely seen Luna moth and the poem being the wings that flutter back to earth after it is eaten by a bird. . . hmmm, that sounds much better in his July 26 post), you are also a very careful thinker, which I respect to no end. Add to that, good humor and an ample willingness to extend that mind, casually, to the casual things & beings around, makes me respect you (and, uh, your meat) even more. Besides, you can read Charles Wright equal to James. Oh! Good Sherman.

Tee hee, and Dara, I just bet he looks real cute in his underwear. You lucky dog! Come on, be a good doggie & take us a pic of Sherman, uh, Stuart (in glasses, short white shorts, white socks, tennis shoes & tee). tee hee, L. Dee
Lorna Dee,

I'm pretty easygoing, it's hard not to be in the face of compliments, of any kind. I'm a sucker for compliments from poets. Besides, usually senses of connection (especially regarding cartoon characters!) aren't so physical, as physical is the medium--by which I mean I like to think the other qualities you mention (the thinking/perceiving/being ones) are mine, manifest in me. And that you, a poet I've admired, see them, makes it seem more real to me.

So respect, good: and, before this, I dare say, I've noticed similar qualities (open quickness of mind, invention, humanity etc) in you (based on your poems and, then, your blog).

That said, erm, I'm kind of modest, I don't think it's really me to pose shirtless. Besides, I'm a little spindly these days.

And I have to say: you think I look like the cartoon guy now, you should've seen me at 13!
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