Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So then, this morning I notice that yesterday more people than usual came to the blog. And then, that so many came from here. I'm not one to overuse IM acronyms, but LOL! I'm blushing.

By the way, who's Sherman?

Sherman Alexie? I've met him and he's very handsome.
nope, too obvious
(anyone who would announce to an audience: "I bet there are 50 women here today who would sleep with me tonight," oughta hang it up)
hint: Alivianate el Coco writes well about Sherman, way before your time, poet dears.
He said that, huh? I can't imagine.

Lorna, you mean the blog of that name? The poetry there's good, he has a nice sense of pacing.

Am I wrong to read Sherman as an open everyman?
Dara must be giving you such a hard time about this--I know I would be *lol* ;-) Go Stuart!
Aw, she's pretty mellow, a wonderful partner. I show her, we laugh. A little ribbing, of course, but all fun.

[note from Dara: It was a little unsettling at first, but he is cute in his underwear. Note: when the reverse happens Stu is not quite as mellow. Really, we have a long history and a lot of love.]

Oh jeez, I would be teasing Jim mercilessly if he were in your shoes, Stuart. But, he's used to my merciless teasing and I think that's why he loves me in the first place. ;-)

Ain't love grand?

You two are sweet, sweet. Your replies made me smile. :-)
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