Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I haven't really had much time (i've got to stop saying that!), and barely do now, but it's worth mention that 'sincerity' is an important quality in the Eastern philosophies (or, at least, the Chinese ones, which I am most (i.e. still only a little) familiar with). The sincere man/woman is the one who is simple, without self-deceit, whose actions are heaven's will, who has/manifests no obstruction within their psyche within which to find themselves distanced from heavenly motion, the pleasure of nonexistence, of merely circulating. I suppose in Western theology an analagous quality would be sinlessness. Think of Laozi's Uncarved Block--think of Li Po going over the bow, too--

Sincerity is the true profound simplicity of normal mind, of smiling. Like how children are sincere, an entirely worthwhile state of being. The manifestation of an uncluttered psyche.

Barring that state of enlightenment, sincerity is also knowing that the confusion one encounters when attempting to be sincere is the best tool you have for achieving sincerity, and making a home for it (or at least trying to) in you.

That, at least, is what I associate with the word sincerity. Just thought I'd say.

Hi Stuart
I've been reading definitions of 'The New Sincerity' in blogs all over the place suddenly. Sometimes it seems as if only J.C., Buddha and Mohammed would fit the bill??
Well, you've got to have ideals, I suppose . . .
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