Thursday, August 11, 2005

No baby yet--just waiting!

(We're cleaning out boxes we didn't know we had!--to distract ourselves, of course.)

At first, Dara was a little leery of the home birth idea. Jonah was born in Cooley-Dickinson Hospital, in Northampton Massachusetts, where, though in a hospital, there was a birthing wing, separate. That way, midwives were in charge, and a doctor could come in if necessary, but only if necessary--and the rooms were not normal hospital rooms, but big and comfortable, accomodating. So we didn't have to decide between hospital or home birth, we got a little of both. Now, though, in NJ, where the c-section rate for in-hospital births is 34%(!), and for at-home births is 3% (!!), we thought we'd play our gut and go with an at-home birth, especially since Dara knows so many people who did so, and loved it.

So, waiting, with a big birthing tub deconstructed in the corner. Strangely relaxing.

Oh, boy. You should have *seen* or at least read the consent form I had to sign yesterday for a C-section. You name the horror I consented to it, your home birth sounds so much more relaxing. Fingers crossed for any day now!
Congratulations on making the decision! My sisters and brothers and I (all five of us) were born at home with the same midwife each time. If I ever have children, I'll definitely choose this route as well.

All the best!
Suzanne, Yeah, surgery release forms are pretty jaw-setting--I remember the anesthesiologist's (sic) liability spiel, before Dara got her epidural for Jonah. But everything always turns out ok, it's just weird infinitely improbable stuff!

Ana, That sounds exactly wonderful--were you old enough to remember any of your younger siblings births (if, that is, you weren't the youngest)?
Yes (I'm the eldest), mainly that of my youngest brother--I was 8. We had begged our dad to wake us up when he was coming, but (understandably) he waited until immediately afterwards. We did get to see the afterbirth and his very first bath, though. Jacob was born a little after 3.00 a.m., and I remember my sisters and I up the rest of the morning with everyone (parents and grandparents), getting to know our new brother and gazing at his perfect little fingers and toes. It was marvelous--a celebration in every sense of the word.
My husband and his two siblings were born at home. He's the oldest so he saw their births. Many blessings to you and your family.
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