Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Um, if you would like your blog included on my blogroll (left) and it is not, please backchannel me.

(Normally, as I run across new (-to-me) blogs, I bookmark them, and when my 'favorites' list gets too long, I put them in a folder called "to be added to blogroll". Then, after they are added, I put them in my "poetry blogs" folder. But yesterday, I forgot all about that middle part and just delivered them to their final destination, without blogrolling them, and now don't know which have been neglected.)

I used to try and check all, but eventually it got to be too much, and now I rely on bloglines, an aggregator. But, in an ideal world, I really would read every blog on my blogroll. I know some people only include those people they read regularly (or semiregularly) on their blog, I like to think in some idealistic manner, I do so; like a library of all the books you'd like to read. Which are pretty much all of them.

In this case, though, not only do new ones appear, but they keep growing.

Hi Stuart
I know you're on cafecafe with me but I've never checked out your blog. I'd like to add you to my links and vice versa, if you like. I loved the post with the wild photos up top today and congrats on going the midwife route. My neighbor did that with both children and was very pleased!


I'm glad you liked the photos!

I'll add your name to the blogroll next chance I get to update.
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