Thursday, August 18, 2005

Well, we got ourselves a girl!

Halcyon Juliet Botvinick-Greenhouse, 8/17/05 at 11:54 am; 7 lbs 6 oz., 21-3/4 inches, perfect water birth, lovely. Dara looks even better than before--she was entirely brave and went into the pain to open, and it shows, she isn't worn at all. Which is kind of astounding. The baby is very peaceful (except when she isn't, like with poopies . . . and she's managed 5 (edit: 6) poopies in her first day . . . she's an artist, I think). And she looks just like her big brother did, though a little taller and lighter (smaller head).

Good night!


Now sleep, while you can.
Congratulations! What a beautiful name.
Congratulations! A little Leo! A little sunshine.

Best to you & Dara.

~ Another natural birth mommy
That's a long baby! Congratulations.
Wonderful, wonderful news. Welcome Halcyon Juliet! What a beautiful name. Congratulations to Mom, Dad, & Big Brother Jonah!!!
Congrats, Stuart & Dara & Jonah! What a beautiful name for sure!
Beautiful, wonderful. Congratulations.
congratulations and all best!
Congrats, congrats, congrats!
Congratulations, wow.
Congratulations to all!
Oh those Leo girls. Happy, happy news.
Congratulations to all. Aren't babies wondeful!
Many congratulations!! What fantastic news! She sounds absolutely beautiful.
Wow, thanks all. We're so happy, she is really self-contained and able, absolutely herself.

Lorna, do you know how to do a chart?

Her brother is a Leo too (8/3). What does that mean?
Wonderful news! Congratulations to all of you!
Her brother is a Leo, too. Well, we know what you like to do around the Thanksgiving holidays. ;)
Yay! Wonderful news!
Congratulations!! I love her name.

Yes, as CDY pointed out...lots of people have the same idea in the winter. That's why there are so many August babies.
Yay!! Happy baby! Big congrats!
Yay!!!! Congrats!!!
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