Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And I never link to any Onion articles because I assume everyone reads them, but I have to point out this one this week . . . it is hands down the funniest/most awful thing I've read regarding Katrina (though my favorite Onion article is still, and may always remain, this).

Nice. I haven't read the O in a while--I think my favorite will always be "Pope Wins Host-Eating Contest: Consumes the Equivalent of 7 1/2 Bodies of Christ"--although "The New Cambodian Barnes & Noble: Will It Hurt Cambodia's Independent Bookstores?" left me pretty helpless, too.
The darkest ones always get me. That Cambodian one is pretty funny.
I have to admit that I had somehow missed that one about McD's ... it truly is a winner!

The historical ones have always been my favorites, even when they are just the headlines. One of the best, at least for someone (me) who was not around in 1969 to witness the event and can only imagine the mood at the time: "HOLY SHIT!!! MAN WALKS ON FUCKING MOON!"

I love your site, keep the good stuff coming!

David Amulet

Thank you, I will. Will try, that is.
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