Saturday, September 03, 2005

As far as reconstruction goes, simple thought: lots of unemployed people in New Orleans, and lots of work to be done rebuilding New Orleans: FDR would know what to do. I know that's an overly simplistic idea, but I think a New Deal type thing would do wonders both ways.

Any bets on how GWB goes about it?

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Simple, but brilliant. Unfortunately, Halliburton has already been awarded a contract:

It would be a shame to see the city's poorest residents permanently displaced, and I fear that may well happen if the government doesn't provide incentives for their return, e.g. dignified, affordable housing, jobs, etc.
Good lord, that's fast! My jaw is actually, physically dropped--
i had a thought like that today, since so many evacuees are deciding to stay in places they end up....

that in cities like atlanta, they should create a "dollar house" situation like Carter did in baltimore... make incentives so evacuees can buy vacant houses for nothing here...
hey, this is my first time commenting here. my 2 cents in four sentences ...

GWB will not do anything differently than he has been doing. His damaging environmental policies have been physically hurting lots of feelings (human and otherwise) in the US ever since he took office. He is unapologetic for placing business interests ahead of public health and welfare (even Chrisine T.W. stepped down from the EPA because GWB wouldnt heed her warning that he would lose credibility in the US and abroad if he wasnt more careful with his environmental policies).
I dont know how many people are actually reading your blog stu but I plead with all of you to consider joining the revolution and stop going to the gas station for your transportation fuel (the alternatives will be different for each situation).

I've never heard of the dollar house solution, but it makes sense to me--a liberal version of the 'ownership society.'

And Dan, amen.
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