Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pearl poet, short version: Only the good die young. (Actually, I think 'only the young die good' would be more accurate. Your pick.)

Pearl poet, deepened understanding of that mercy which seems like a cruelty to those buried in the world of time and perception: We are all young, in the end.

The thing about allegory is that it speaks not through reason, but through experience.

Funny, I just gave a lecture about the difference between symbol and allegory yesterday. My students (college sophomores, mostly) had a really hard time grasping the concept for some reason. It's possible that I wasn't explaining it very well, but I think their generation just doesn't have a grasp on allegory because there really isn't a whole lot of it out there anymore. Not that there was when I grew up, either. . .but it seems different. Allegory seems to exist in a realm of the imagination that my students seemed unable to access. Interesting. And wierd.
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