Friday, December 23, 2005

A bunch of disparate thoughts. I'll write the (short) one I have in mind and add as the rest reoccur.

1) Lynn Emanuel has some very good poems in the new "Ploughshares." Especially especially the first one. My fingers ache (from rocking Halcyon to sleep for what turned out to be nearly an hour), which makes typing difficult now! so am not typing it in, but it shouldn't be too hard to find, if you want.

2) A poem is better off a window, than a mirror.

3) Thought tends to reify and promulgate itself (I know, no shocker. Just where my head is at.).

A poem is better off a window, than a mirror.

Mine seem to be turning into podiums.
As an extension to your #2: In a Chase Twichell poem, she has a line something like: "Poetry isn't window cleaning. It breaks the glasss."
A poem is better off a window, than a mirror.

"The windows are mirrors, and there is praise"
Skelly, they do that too, don't they? Different shapes for different purposes, I suppose, and podiums are useful for speaking from. I guess I meant mine are better off, maybe, windows?

Peter, that line made me laugh--Whitmanesque, made my imaging seem so prim (as if forms were to be maintained).

Josh, well, again Whitman (contradict myself etc etc)!

In general I guess poems are protean, and can be all sorts of things. I guess what I was saying was an imagistic variation on the old Spinozan desire-to-connect-with-the-other (At least, I think I remember that's Spinoza.) as one of the purities of existence. I actually had around four other items I meant to add to this list, but the scraps they're written on are misplaced. When I find them, I will. Thanks for the comments!
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