Sunday, December 18, 2005

I really need to be posting more . . . I'm trying! (or will be.)

Here's a photo of Halcyon a friend took. She is a very wonderful baby. She does ^not^ like her mommy to leave her for very long. Other than that, super peaceful.

I was staring at a first draft last night, all the possibilities I write in--usually where the poem has an uncertainty, I'll write and write possibilities, and look and weigh--I think I'm actually trying to find simultaneously a finality for that part and a phrasing/imagining which preserves the uncertainty. Anyway, my drafts can get really messy and I have to be careful to rewrite or to type them up occasionally because it has happened that I become unable to figure out what I had in mind. Actually, that can happen just from my handwriting, my 'a's, 'e's, 'o's, 'r's and 's's become frustratingly indistinguishable.

Anyway, I scanned the draft, you can see it below the Halcyon picture--it should be legible if you click on it, to enlarge it. I can't say as to the quality of the ^writing^, I haven't read it since I jotted it down last night before going to bed.

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