Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wow that was fun. Thank you, everyone, for listening.

I feel like a grinning idiot who just keeps saying 'thank you' to whoever'll listen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Beyond that, I don't have much to say. It was wonderful to read for so many people. And with such talented writers--for each reader, I had the distinct feeling that that person's poetry was the poetry I was there to hear. Wonderful. And everyone so nice, and generous. And Halcyon, who'd been teething all day and kvetchier than ever, slept the whole time, until she woke up around 11ish to let us know we really had to get home. What a good baby.

So now I have the chapbooks. Well, only one, mine--I'll have more copies soon. If interested, you can buy here, at the PSA store (or should be able to very soon), or if you want a scrawly signature from yours truly, from me. I think they're $10, though again, I'll know when I get them. If you've sent me for trade, I'll reciprocate soon, as soon as I can.

When I said generous before, I meant it, btw. As part of the whole thing, I get also to spend a month at the Millay Colony (which I thought I was going to have to say no to, but Dara said say yes, so I did), as well as give a reading & a one-time class at SUNY-Purchase. The people at the Poetry Society--all of them--are phenomenal, warm, and dreamily generous. I can't thank them enough.

Continuing, regarding the near future: I'm also going to begin teaching for the Rutgers Writing Extension program (poetry & fiction, I think, so two classes). And I'm giving a lecture at some point in the Spring at Middlesex County College on something literary. And in a few weeks Dara goes back to work, which means I'll be taking over for Halcyon a good bit of the day. All to say, I'm gonna blog when I can, but I could say the same thing for brushing my teeth. I'd been preparing myself, mentally, to move the blog way back towards the involved-reading-of-a-text-and-contemplating-it-in-keystrokes mode (i.e. Moby-Dick, Stanley Fish, Spicer), and I will when I can. Really. Though I'll probably often only have time to post pictures of Halcyon being cute. Well, maybe not only, but at least.

I'm so glad you had a great time!

I would love your "scrawly" autograph.

Email me with the details.

Will do, as soon as I . . .um . . have them.
Hey Stuart - just wanted to say I was there but had to slip out right at the end. A beautiful reading, really - everyone was splendid, you most eminently included. Congrats!
many muchos conchapbookelations! zounds like most such excellent festivities!
Ana, I'm glad you enjoyed. I didn't know you were there--and probably wouldn't have recognized you, despite being familiar with your photo!

Heidi, it was. Thanks (conchapbookelations is nice).
Glad things are coming together, Stuart. I definately have dibs on one of those chaps when you've got them in hand.
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