Friday, January 27, 2006

I've been reading a lot of poetry I've been really enjoying, but when I close my eyes, all I hear is "I said get ready,/ cause this ain't funny;/ my name is Mike D./ and I'm about to get money." This has been going on for days. Is that fair?

Inevitably, thinking about the Beastie Boys . . . I was lucky to be old (or young) enough (in high school, then college) to hear them as primarily farce. But look where they went. They kind of remind me of the Beatles; they began derivative, so virtuoistic in their idiom as to be parodic; and then took direction from their virtue (so to speak) and not their idiom. The psychedelic overlap is gratuitous, though it supports what I'm saying.

Why am I thinking about these things? Something must have suggested to my brain I'm still in college. Cue heavy smoke drifting through the room . . .

I had a HUGE crush on Mike D--( I THINK it was Mike D, he was the one the baseball cap right?) This was funny to come across this morning because I've had a Beastie Boys song running through my mind all weekend.
To tell you the truth, I can only identify them by their voices--Adam Yauch (sp?) was the goofy looking -&-sounding one (ok, ok, REALLY goofy etc), but I think you were probably crushing on the right one.

Which song afflicted you?
*lol* Some blog had a quiz with Jimmy Page--so of course all weekend I was hearing: ...I'm like my man Jimmy Page/ I like my girlies underage.

Not a good song now that I have a daughter. Hee-hee.

They are really, really, funny, and really, really, catchy.
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