Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jose Edmundo Reyes, who some may remember as a blogger from ~ a year ago, is part of a new anthology, one which, I think, seems named (in that it is named after the writing group which it represents) in honest proportion to what it is. Jodie writes

" . . . my writing group,
the Powow River Poets, has just come out with an
anthology of members' work. The Powow River Anthology,
edited by Alfred Nicol and with an introduction by
X.J. Kennedy, is now available from Ocean Publishing
( Here are the details:

The Powow River Anthology

ISBN 0-9767291-5-6

Ocean Publishing
P.O. Box 1080
Flagler Beach, FL 32136-1080

Office Hours Monday thru Friday 9am - 5 pm (Eastern)
(386) 517-1600 Phone
(386) 517-2564 Fax

Our members include Rhina Espaillat, Len Krisak,
Alfred Nicol, A. M. Juster (all of whom have won the
Richard Wilbur award and had books published by U. of
Evansville Press), Deborah Warren, Bill Coyle
(together both have won two of the past three New
Criterion Poetry Prizes), Richard Wollman (Gulf Coast
Prize in Poetry), and others."

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