Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Take those things you believe, and don't," another gem from The Daily Show.

(warning: video, largish bandwidth needed)

You know, S, you haven't posted a picture of Halcyon in a long, long time. You can't hog her to yourself forever...send me pics of that gorgeous girl! (if you don't want them on the blog).
Suzanne, you're right. I will in the next day or so. I've been meaning to, but we got a new digital camera--the old one was REAL old, you put a floppy in the camera, then after it filled (~10 pictures), you put it in the computer; the new one has some sort of cable or something which will be super-easier, once I figure out how to hook it up. Once.

I know, i've been delinquent--your Emily is gorgeous, you know. She could be a little baby model, she's very photogenic.
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