Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok, a caveat before the link: I'm not linking because I think the scenario described is likely, or even anything other than barely plausible . But Billmon (the writer) has, in his past writings, shown himself to have an uncomfortable (for him, I imagine, that is) intimacy with the way those in power think. So I link to it as something worth reading for what it is, and not as a "sky is falling!" exclamation. Besides, the guy writes so infrequently now, it's kind of an event itself.


Anyway, yeesh. I haven't thought about things like "roentgens" in a while, not even in this post-shoebomber world, not since I was a kid and used to be so freaked out about the possibility of nuclear war that every nighttime backfire had me thinking it was The End. Remember that?

Another anyway: here's something from Gabriel Gudding worth reading, probably more worth reading, since it involves something you can control, and understand, yourself: link.

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