Monday, April 03, 2006

Sentiments like "Approaching this work, possibly any work, with an air of judgment ultimately will tell you so very little about what is going on when there is so much more to be gained by not doing so, by reading through that old nagging sense, getting beyond it to see what the poet was sensing, was after," where Silliman betrays his conscious reactive programmatics for the true and personal thoughtfulness which makes him such a good, and interesting, reader, make me happy. (The manner in which the 'programmatics' are a result of his goodly reading (or how I surmise the connection) is interesting and probably worth a blogpost, but not today.)

And this "In contrast, I think, to how a previous generation [saw the war in Vietnam], we often want to see the war in Iraq as somehow continuous with a long history of conquest and not, as would be equally possible, an interruption of a peaceful democratic project," from Rhubarb is Susan, is astute, and seems accurate to me.

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