Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a great poem on Verse Daily today.

And just for the hell of it, the one on Poetry Daily
: not bad, but I couldn't help but here this in my ear as I read it, and what I heard sounded so much more authentic, and to my taste (apologies to the poet), than what I read. Derivative or coincidental? I don't know.

that was a great poem by kate daniels

thanks for pointing it out.

i know what you mean about casals & yoyo ma. i have listened to both, and also orlando cole and many others.

cole now in his late 90s was the greatest cellist of his generation, many think. the last survivor of the Curtis Quartet. i have met him many times through my wife and her friends. he was a school buddy of "Sam" Barber
Greatest is such a tetchy word; I don't really have an experienced-enough ear to judge for myself (in any art except poetry really, and maybe fiction. And drama. No one expects! . . . ), so I think instead in terms of cohorts. I have heard that the last 50 years have been a strong time for the cello, and believe it, from hearing all the excellent recordings.

Anyway, I'll check out Orlando Cole, thanks for the tip. I forgot that your wife is a cellist. My son just started lessons a few months ago, it's a wonderful sound to have around the house.

If you happen to make it up to central Jersey, stop by if you have the chance, we should catch up.
Thanks for pointing out Kate Daniels' poem -- I really like that. I think she was at Sewanee this summer but I didn't get to meet her (though I met and had a chat with her husband, coincidentally enough).
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