Wednesday, November 05, 2008



I've been meaning to post, but the velocity of my days precludes too much thought, so my ideas pass. I really really mean to again, at least semi-regularly, and hopefully the few of you with rss feeds waiting will still be reading?

Anyway, tonight, wow. Just wanted to say, I'm probably not the only one who feels this way:

Now I can stop reading obsessively. I'd like to even stop paying attention to politics very much. I know that's not what this should be about, but the whole public-face thing isn't really something I found interesting before the horror-show that came along--well, first with Reagan, so it's been there my whole life. I remember his ketchup-as-vegetable thing, that was the same year I read Animal Farm and I don't think I connected them two thematically then, though I did by the time NWO was popular (remember that video?), and I was reading stories of 100,000 iraqi soldiers dying in the tanks they'd been chained within. I'm sure that was a glorious war and all, but by then I think I was aware that there was no such thing, and the spectacle was revolting. I was resolved to move to another country, but then having kids and being near their grandparents took priority, and besides Clinton was in the white house, it felt different, bad as some of his decisions were.

But that's all backstory to what happened in 2000, when the freakshow came to the Florida recount. So I've been watching the whole thing since then almost obsessively. It's nice to see someone I respect in the white house. Let's hope for some sanity in the years to come.

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